The Golden Snow


Sailing high on waves and tides rife,

Realized what is real, what is life.

Cared for the trash, incinerated gold,

Now I just want to live, free as the shore.

The gulf was cold, or was it the Captain’s word,

Beautiful was the ship, it mocked the world.

I ran errands, swallowed treacherous hallows,

Yet in store for me was a cup rather hollow.

Start was the end or the end a worthless start,

Another gull flew across the bleak stars.

The flight was smooth, though it iced at stages,

But strong were her wings, she could pull through ages.

My ship is here, I have to get on-board,

Enough questions covered, yet the monopoly wouldn’t go:

Few from securities, few from the Master,

And few from the owner who probably marks me low.

Shall I come the next day and try henceforth?

Or is this the day, I need to seize it so!

Boiled and reheated, my efficiency is high,

I am competent, I must take my ride.

Valves all checked, let the spirit flow,

This bird is going to fly to the greatest shores.

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