Les Misérables by Victor Hugo My rating: 5 of 5 stars


#18th longest novel of all time.
# “One of the half-dozen greatest novels of the world”- Upton Sinclair

“Liberation is not deliverance.”

Have you ever experienced the satisfaction that comes from reading or watching something so complete that your own life comes full circle to you thereafter?
If you haven’t, read this book. If you think you have, read this book imperatively. If you have, in fact, read the book, pat yourselves on the back.

Les Miserables is, rather an experience. It has elements of fiction, non-fiction, drama, romance, thriller, satire; you name it- action, adventure, history, fantasy, art, spirituality, humour and tragedy. It is pure genius. Yes, I love this book to death.

Set in the backdrop of the June Rebellion in Paris, this novel explores internal battles of the characters through the political, social and economic strife of the time.

It is also the longest book I have ever read(2,783 pages). Numerous chapters are introduced in the book which go on exploring contemporary history in the making, like the account of the Waterloo battle, construction of Paris sewers, Argots, Street urchins, Parenthesis and others. The readers, who have lesser patience can easily steer clear of these digressions (which, in fact, spans over one fourth of the book) and finish the book faster, without losing the essence of the story. This style of writing is exclusive to Hugo and can be seen in other works of his, like The Hunchback of Notre Dame & The Toilers of the sea.

However you choose to read it, you will get goosebumps and you will get them on several occasions throughout the book. Bottom line is, reading this one is a commitment. It will consume a lot of your time. But, the book knows how to make an irreplaceable place in your heart and you will cherish it forever.

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