Love Beyond Social Confines by Laxman Rao My rating: 3.9 of 5 stars

Love Beyond Social Confines

I have never come across anything like this book. It is a rustic, raw, heartfelt and honest novella. It was an extremely different experience as compared to what I have been having for a long time, reading. Let me break it down to you.

First of all, I finished this book in a single sitting. The entire plot played like a docudrama in front of my eyes. It felt like I had somehow discovered somebody’s old journal and had to devour it at warp speed lest I should be found out sneaking.

It was only after reading this book that I realized how much I had missed the good old Indian writing. I am glad that people like Laxman Rao are still carrying on the legacy and doing it so brilliantly. That brings me to the author himself. I literally had goosebumps reading about his life struggles.(Yes, I like to know my authors.) It also felt like this story was a part of him, and not just something he conjured up in his mind one fine day because he decided to write a book.

                                                              *SPOILER ALERT*

The name ‘Narmada’ has been so profoundly branded in my heart, that there is no going back from that again in my life. The story is seasoned like the tales of the Retro or the Jazz era. I wish the author had mentioned it somewhere in the book. The tale attacks social stigma and dogmas throughout. The funny thing is, I kept on rooting for Babu and Narmada hopelessly till the very last paragraph and was disappointed when they could not be together. But, I let it sit in my mind for a while and realized, had it been the fairy tale I had wanted it to be, it would have withered away from my memory eventually. The reason this story comes off so strong and stirring is that it is realistic. The very fact that they never meet reveals so many things about love. There is nothing such as a successful or a failed love. It cannot be gauged by the fact that the two people get married or spend a life together. As long as there is that same warmth and respect in the heart for each other, love prevails and flourishes, no matter what. There could be a marriage with no love. That is also illustrated very well in this book. This, indeed, is my greatest takeaway.

My only grievance is that the translation was bad. I wish I had read the original Hindi version. I would suggest anyone who understands Hindi, to put down their English texts for a while and immerse into this. Trust me, you will feel good about it.

I would definitely look forward to read more from the author in future.

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