That is some hideous wall art. Yellow is probably the worst color in the world, or is it brown? I mean, look at it, or you could, had not the sun been staring blatantly at you the whole time. Damn you Ricky! Why wouldn’t you draw the screens for once? What is more repulsive than the constipated February sun? I want to bark at him, but that would invite a conversation, I don’t want that. Where’s the bloody coffee again?

Oh! The stench of Jasmine. Meera is here. I will just stare at my screen now. I had actually cared about her once. Hah! What a douche! That little wench doesn’t know why she’s here, forget the whats and hows. TL my foot!

But, you played well, stepping on me to soar up and then presenting me a ‘Star of the month’ every other month as a cruel reminder. Genius. Your cacophonous voice is the last thing I want to hear right now. But, the bay is quieter than death itself. I wonder why is it that every time I try to push an urgent code, every person starts banging their keyboards in the most horrendous way imaginable.

She calls me and introduces me to this new teammate, a fresher. I don’t like the new ripple against my crammed stillness. Changes irritate me now. I look at her and the distasteful sheen in her aura starts fanning the bile in my gut to a rise. Every quiver of her lips taps a disgusting question I do not want to answer. Her over enthusiastic, dreamy eyes makes me throw up inside my mouth a little. No, I don’t want to know her name or to look at her. I don’t want to relish another virtue bound for imminent decay.

Ah, but I’m not the classic  guy of shattered hopes or lacerated ambitions. My heart is not broken, it just doesn’t throb anymore. I do not pretend. I do not wear faces. I have somehow found solace among the shadows. I live for the blur now.

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